Systematic Theology III-系統神學III

課程代號:201501ST103, 2 學分, 日期: 1/13-6/23/2015
教授:Dr. Jordan Barrett . 課程大綱: 201501ST103系統神學 III_Syllabus

Class Note課程講義

1.  ST103_Person of Christ (Chinese)
2. ST103_Work of Christ
3. ST103_Res, Asc, and Offices of Christ (Chinese)
4. ST103_Holy Spirit
5. ST103_Common Grace, Election, Reprobation (Chinese)
6. ST103_Calling, Regeneration, Conversion (Chinese)
7. ST103_Justification, Adoption, SanctificationChinese
8. ST103_Baptism, Filling of the HS, Perseverance
9. ST103_Intermediate State, Glorification, UnionChinese




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